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How to stop ads from playing in your browser?

How to stop ads from playing audio in your browser
Mute Tabs by URL for Chrome

Ever needed to close a tab with audio coming from an auto-play ad is one of the web’s greatest annoyances, but at the same time, most of us want to hear videos coming from YouTube or Netflix. How can you stop one without the other? Luckily, there are a number of easy solutions available.

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What is RAT( remote access trojan)?

RAT (remote access trojan) is a malware that infect the computer and create the remote connection for the attacker.It is specially programmed virus that install on victim’s computer without knowledge of user and hide itself in operating system and work in background.Rat also secure itself from antivirus softwares or other security tools and software.It comes from the malicious links , email attachments , file sharing or other software sharing.

RAT are programmed by programmers to infect the computer.

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What is Website Speed?

Website Speed can be defined as how much time does your website takes to fully load that is all components rendered completely on your web browser. Website Speed depends on your page design and components used to design that. Website speed affects users to a great extent, as user want a reliable and fast website. A Webpage that loads in 1-3 seconds is considered as good.

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what is responsive website ?

Responsive websites are those websites who can change thier look according to screen resolutions.They are specially designed by the web designer with the help of CSS (cascade style sheet) for different screen width sizes.So that everyone can use same website on different devices like laptops, computer,tablet , smartphones etc

Normal websites are those who are not change thier designs.For the example

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