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Website Speed can be defined as how much time does your website takes to fully load that is all components rendered completely on your web browser. Website Speed depends on your page design and components used to design that. Website speed affects users to a great extent, as user want a reliable and fast website. A Webpage that loads in 1-3 seconds is considered as good.

How to boost Website Speed?

How to boost website speed?  This question arises in every developer’s mind because to make a fast responsive website, they have to keep things in mind while designing and creating web pages. So I will discuss some tips here briefly to analyze and optimize your website speed.

  1. First step to increase your website is having a good host means the server which provide technology and all the required services to view and display your page on the internet. So buying a premium fast hosting makes your website loads fast.
  2. The next step to increase speed is the designing and plugins used in developing webpage. Try to keep your page size as low as possible. So compress images and other media items before putting on your website.
  3. Don’t keep broken or incorrect link in your website, they affect speed also. Try to fix these problems.
  4. Further steps can be taken like minify your CSS and Java Scripts.
  5. Compress your page size to keep its memory size low.
Minify and how to do it?

Minify is the process of removing spaces in the coding to compress page size thus allowing us to free unwanted space. It can be done online on various websites for e.g. ,
This online tool is free to use and very effective, also it does not affect the looks of Webpage and very easy to use. To minify your CSS and Java Script just copy the source coding of your page and paste it on the website. It will instantly minify your code and display it. U can copy and paste the result on your website.

Where to store images for heavy database website like e-commerce?

E-commerce websites like,, have a huge list of elements, thus large numbers of images have to be stored and used in coding and designing. It can affect the performance of the webpage. Some developers tend to store images in the database, which makes database more complex and heavy. The storage space for Database is costly than website hosting space. It is good to store images in a separate folder on website and use links in the database only.  BY doing so it will save your money as well as loading time will also be lesser.


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