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RAT (remote access trojan) is a malware that infect the computer and create the remote connection for the attacker.It is specially programmed virus that install on victim’s computer without knowledge of user and hide itself in operating system and work in background.Rat also secure itself from antivirus softwares or other security tools and software.It comes from the malicious links , email attachments , file sharing or other software sharing.

RAT are programmed by programmers to infect the computer.

What will happens if RAT comes in computer?

When hacker or attacker send RAT to infect your system RAT will create connection and allow to control remotly hacker can control the following functions

  • Install keylogger( keystock stealer).
  • Download and install any file.
  • Destroy files.
  • Mouse and keyboard control, block unblock keyboard and mouse.
  • Format drives.
  • Steal sensitive data of users like password and credit card details.
  • Task manager control.
  • CMD (command prompt) control.
  • Capture desktop screen and can aslo capture live screen.
  • Install more malicious viruses.
  • Restart and shutdown computer.
  • Upload user data.
  • Use camera and microphone or other resources attached on computer.
  • Open and close CD-ROM.
  • Change desktop wallpapers,screen savers, etc.

Some of the RAT are advanced programmed they can infect more that one computer if more that one computer connects in the network.

Android RAT are specially design to use your smartphone as spy device.once the trojan virus enter your android device the can listerner your phone calls, get your location, get your contacts , incoming / outgoing call history, saved imags, use your camera front/back both, read your sms, delete files from your phones and if your device is rooted they can also read your whatspp chats and more third party application data, Almost all the features of your smart phone they can access remotely.

So never download and execute any unknown file if someone send you by email, or share via USB check carefuly before use.




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