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Responsive websites are those websites who can change thier look according to screen resolutions.They are specially designed by the web designer with the help of CSS (cascade style sheet) for different screen width sizes.So that everyone can use same website on different devices like laptops, computer,tablet , smartphones etc

Normal websites are those who are not change thier designs.For the example if you design the website with width size 1024 then you can use website only on that screen whose width is 1024, if you will open that website on screen which is smaller that 1024 width  you will scroll down and scroll left right to see full design,but if you design the responsive website, your website will automatically adjust on the screen either you are opening on 1024 width screen more than or less than 1024 you can use same functions.

Today almost all new websites are designs responsive because everyone using smartphones and tablet pc, etc that’s why demand of web designers is increasing.


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