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WordPress is an open source website creator tool which is written in PHP.It is powerful CMS (Content Management system) use to create websites and blogging.Most of the famous blogs, business websites, news, online music stores and other e-commerce websites are designs and developed in wordpress.

You can easily download wordpress from the website.Its 100% free.

How to install wordpress ?

If you want to use wordpress on your PC.You can you use on local server like

  • wamp
  • xampp
  • easyPHP
  1. Install one of the local server on you PC.
  2. Download Latest version of WordPress.

Now , Start local serve.Check that your local server is working fine by using the url  ” http://localhost/ ” for Index Page ” http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ ” for PhpMyAdmin.

Open PhpMyAdmin and create new database for your wordpress.

Click on the database > enter the name of your database in create database textbox.Click create

Very good , You database is ready to  use.

Now open the www directory of you local server.

Extract here your downloaded wordpress.

Open  the localhost on browser > open click wordpress.

On Welcome Page click Let’s go.


Next form will show optionswordpress-database-connection-form-themepacker

Enter your database that you have created , Enter your username of “root” , enter password of your Database, if not leave blank, Enter database host “Localhost” , Enter table prefix as you want eg (WP_your database name).

Submit form.

Next form will be


Enter your Website name ,

Username for WordPress Dashboard,

Password and Confirm Password for you WordPress Dashboard.

Your email Address

Checkbox check if you want to allow search engine index that site (I will write other post for this option to be explain briefly).

submit this form.

All done , Your wordpress website is ready to use.

if you want to open dashboard  simply use slash “/wp-admin” at the end of your website url for example


login form will appears.

Enter username and password and start customizing you website.


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